E-Maison Education Company invests in Vietnam with EtonHouse Thao Dien

EtonHouse At Thao Dien is an investment by E-Maison Education Company based out of Singapore.

The school is the first of three pre-schools to be built by the group for the next five years in Vietnam. The location at Thao Dien was chosen for its proximity to the newly developed amenities such as Vincom Shopping Mall and the upcoming Metro system.

The site where EtonHouse is situated is also ideal for outdoor curriculum, thanks to the expansive outdoor space which we readily convert into a beautiful landscape of garden and playground. The pool, water & sound play area, the walk of art, mud kitchen and the mysterious cave are part of the exciting curriculum. Your children will never want to stop going to school!

Not to be outdone, the interior classrooms are fitted out with huge windows to allow maximum natural light to fill each room. The classrooms are spacious and lined with artistic materials that promise to tap into each child’s creative nature.

We set aside space for multilingual library, atelier and light room to further engage a child’s curiosity and voracious appetite to feel, smell, touch, hear and taste their early encounter with the world.

Our goal is to build a school where the environment as the third teacher is not just given a lip service. We put up serious investment to ensure a premium learning environment that promises to give each child a head start in life.

We believe a child’s first journey into learning must be filled with positive experiences to build confidence so that sustainable interest to acquire knowledge becomes possible.

Note: E-Maison Education Company is a multiple-unit franchisee of EtonHouse brand of schools.

Credit: E-Maison Education Company