Senior Content Writer

Job title: Junior Content Writer
Salary + Benefits: $500 – $750 / month
Please contact for more information and send CV to [email protected]


General Summary

Content Writer / Copywriter is responsible for writing & building content for digital marketing channels including website, social media (facebook, zalo, instagram,etc…) as well as interact & maintain relationship with visitors (comment, reply, encourage, etc…). Experienced content writer can create attractive content, well communicate, earn trust and build a strong community. Experience in SEO/SEM, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Zalo Ads and other paid media is required.


Job functions

  • Responsible for consulting, content planning & keyword planning for website & social media.
  • Responsible for cooperating with Designer & Developer to build content & deliver communication messages.
  • Responsible for cooperating with Account in planning & executing projects.
  • Able to work efficiently with supervising manager.
  • Able to communicate effectively with other team members



  • B.S./B.A. in Journalism & Communication, Public relations, Marketing or related field or equivalent combination of education/or experience.
  • Strong knowledge in content writing & creative mindset. Be able to catch current trends, hot topics in media.
  • Be able to teamwork, self-learn
  • Ability of communicating in English, Japanese, Chinese is an extra
  • Ability of SEO/SEM, Facebook ads, Zalo ads and other forms of Paid ads.